Product Design And

Product Design And Development

Consumers today are more concerned about product design, performance, interconnectivity, and interoperability. Product aesthetics, ease of use, form factor, durability, and product performance are all important factors in a consumer’s purchase decision. All aspects of product design are covered by product design services. It is complex because it involves optimizing and developing design, validating mechanical design, and prototyping superior products.


Metal-India is a one-stop solution provider that offers complete mechanical engineering services, from concept to production. Metal-India helps businesses avoid the challenges that come with modern design, including overhead costs, in-house capabilities, multiple vendors, and complex designs. We have years of experience in product innovation and product excellence, which allows us to assist our clients through the entire cycle of creating innovative products with reduced lead time and better ROI.


On the other hand, development involves finding new market opportunities and creating products that meet the needs of the chosen market. The development process focuses on refining and modifying products until they are ready for testing.

Our specialty

  • We have a deep understanding of the Product Design Lifecycle, which allows us to better incorporate your ideas into product development. We have direct experience in every step of the process, from conceptualization to prototype development, testing, and finally manufacturing.

  • We have access to advanced testing tools and facilities, such as Finite elements analysis and CFD. Furthermore, we are proficient in both actual and virtual testing that is done during simulation.

  • We are able to design products within the budget that the client has set because of our knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing process. A thorough understanding of the manufacturing process is key to our manufacturing solutions. This allows us to take care of all the requirements.

  • Our expertise is in project management. We use our skills in resource estimation, allocation, budgeting, controlling execution and managing cross-functional teams to ensure the successful implementation of projects.