Building Costruction And

Building Costruction And Planning

Our clients have direct access to highly-qualified and experienced specialists who offer consultancy services in pre-work, building design, construction management, construction supervision, and maintenance. Metal India has been an engineering consultant for almost all types of building projects, including domestic housing, schools and hotels, offices, factories, health centers, sports centers, and offices.

Metal India specialists have the expertise to tackle any project challenge, from preliminary or structural design for buildings and other structures to the design and implementation of electrical and HVAC control systems and fire safety plans, as well as the development of a variety of acoustical solutions.

New Buildings

There are many phases to the design of new buildings. These phases include needing analysis, cost estimates, and final design.


Analysis and design of bearings and support structures is a crucial aspect of any construction design. They often determine the quality and cost-effectiveness of the final development. The durability of a building’s structure can also depend on its materials and its arrangement. These structures must be strong enough to withstand the forces of external and internal forces, as well as their load-bearing and rigidity. In any building project, the design, materials, and arrangement of structural supports all must work together.